Replacing GE smart dimmer withe Enerwave C500?

Possibly stupid question but I was going to replace my GE dimmer ( named “outside lights”) with the Enerwave with energy monitoring dimmer and was wondering the best way. Should I ‘remove’ the old switch in the app then simply name the new one “outside lights” after adding it? If so will the smart lighting smartapps that I have set up for the old dimmer work with the new one or would I have to get rid of them and rewrite them for the new “outside lights” dimmer? Or could I select “replace” instead of “remove” and if so what’s the difference. Thanks.

I believe you’ll need to redo you smart lighting stuff as it uses the internal ID of the device, not the name you called it.

Thanks. I just discovered that GE makes a dimmer ( GE 45857 ) that has energy reporting also so I might go with that as I am more familiar with them. Have you tried using replace in the smartthings classic app rather than remove?

I find it interesting that their energy monitoring switches are zigbee instead of zwave. I have a few myself. Must be easier or cheaper somehow with zigbee.

I was wondering that myself

Zigbee has higher data rate transfer, so it might just be easier to use it. Also I think you avoid having to buy a chip from sigma or silicon labs who “own” z wave, where as zigbee is more open.

I think most smart plugs that report energy use are zigbee or wifi, vs z wave.