GE Dimmer Switch - Manual Instant On AND Dimming Possible?

Is there a way to have the GE toggle dimmer (12729) turn on/off instantly with a manual press, but still work as a dimmer with a manual hold? I tried “Enhanced Dimmer Switch” and Pablos switch and turning on/off instantly works great, but it no longer works a dimmer manually holding the switch. I ordered the Eaton to see if it will do what I want, but I would prefer not to have paddles (aesthetically).

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Does anyone have an answer for this?

Tapping off=instant off
Tapping on=instant on (previous on level)
Holding up/down=dimming

Is the question:

“Is there a way for DImmer to turn on instantly to 100%”?

If so then, not that I know of outside of a rule but then there’s a slight delay when saying:

If light changes to on
Level is not 100%
Then using light
Set level to 100%

Thanks for the follow up, rontalley. The real question is can we eliminate the ramp up to on and dim to off when turning on and off. I want instant on and instant off like a normal non-dimmer switch but I want to retain dimmer functionality and a return to previous level when turning on.

You can play around with some of the configuration parameters. I haven’t tested, so can’t make recommendations.

Dim Rate Adjustments
Both the number of steps (or levels) that the dimmer will change and the timing of the steps can be modified to suit personal preferences. The timing of the steps can be adjusted in 10 millisecond intervals. As an example, the default setting for parameter 8 is “3”. This means that the lighting level will change every 30 milliseconds when the Dim Command is received. A value of 255 would mean that the level would change every 2.55 seconds. Combined, the two parameters allow dim rate adjustments from 10 milliseconds to 4.2 minutes to go from maximum-to-minimum or minimum-to-maximum brightness levels.
1. When Receiving a Z-Wave Dim Command

  • Parameter 7 (number of steps or levels)
  • Parameter 8 (timing of the steps)
  • Length: 1 Byte
  • Valid Values:
    • Parameter 7 (default = 1) Valid Values: 1-99
    • Parameter 8 (default = 3) Valid Values: 1-255