GE Dimmer Switch Controlling Philips Hue bulbs (in lamps)

I just installed a GE smart dimmer switch connecting to one of my office ceiling lights. My goal was to set this up so that when I turn on this switch it also turns on two of my office lamps, both of which have Philips hue white bulbs. I set this up in my smart lighting app, and it does work, albeit with about a 20 second delay between turning on the switch and turning on the lamps (the ceiling light that the smart dimmer is wired to turns on immediately). Is there any way to reduce this delay? And is there any way to have the dimmer also dim the lamps (along with the ceiling light that it is wired to)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry, I misread your original post. The lamps that have the hue white bulbs in them are not on the same circuit as the one controlled by the switch, correct?

My apologies for any confusion with my original post.

As far as having the switch also dim the bulbs, you can do that, but you will need a custom smart app like Dim with Me. This will cause the bulbs to follow the dimmer switch. You can find these by checking the quick browse list for lighting in the community created wiki.

as far as the lag you’re seeing, that’s probably because the GE switches don’t have instant update. So you have to wait for the next poll of the switch to know that the state changed.

You can test that by turning on the switch from the official mobile app on the things screen. If you see a shorter lag there, then the problem is the physical reporting from the switch.

To change that, you would need to get a different brand of switch that supports “instant status” like the Homeseer or the Cooper.

If toggling the switch in the mobile app has the same delay, then you have to start looking at tuning the network.

The hue white bulbs are in lamps that are plugged into outlets that are “always on”. They don’t have on/off switches, and the outlets that they are plugged into are not attached to any physical switch, which is why I got the hue bulbs. They can be turned on and off with our Amazon echo (or SmartThings or the Hue Bridge). I will take a look at the Dim with Me app.

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