GE Dimmer 12979 will not dim, only on/off

So I have installed multiple GE Z-Wave 12979 dimmer and 12272 switches in my house, They all work as designed (on/off and dim for the 12979 model). However, I have one that will not dim. It is in my kitchen controlling six TCP 6W Floor Dimmable LED bulbs. When I turn on the lights they will turn on, and when I turn them off, they turn off, but when I hold the light switch up or down to dim the lights, they do not dim at all. I have a motion sensor hooked up in the kitchen connected to ST to turn them on and off. Periodically they will turn on with the motion sensor and be dim (maybe 20-40% brightness). Then when I turn them off and back on, they go back to 100% brightness. I tried having ST set them to 20%, no luck, they just turn on to 100%. Has anyone else had similar issues? I had another new 12979 switch, so I swapped the switch out, same issue. I even tried changing the LOAD and LINE to see if that helps, that just stops them from working altogether.

Any help on getting ST to control the lights correctly? Any idea on what might be wrong? Please help.

Please note the 12979 is not the rocker style switch, it is the the old school looking light switch style.

First, the LOAD and LINE are not meant to be changed around, which is why it doesn’t work when you swapped them. You didn’t mention it but do you have a neutral in your switch box? It’s also possible that the total amount of power from the six bulbs (36w) is not enough of a load to allow dimming.

From the GE Manual:

Actual performance of any CFL or LED will vary from bulb type to bulb type and among different manufacturers. It is important to note that only bulbs that have been designed as dimmable should be used on a dimmer. To find out if your bulb is dimmable, please check the package, the bulb itself, or call the bulb manufacturer directly.

I’d recommend contacting GE support.

Please contact Customer Service at 800-654-8483 (option 1) between 7:30AM – 5:00PM CST or via our website ( if the unit should prove defective within the warranty period.

Thank you for your reply. I went home and added my old Flood light bulbs and the dimmer works great. So even though the LED bulbs are labeled as dimmable, they do not work with these switches. Dumb, so much for going for efficient lights at the same time.

It may be a difference between the traditional switch dimmer and the paddle dimmers. I have one of the 12724 GE dimmers hooked up to a chandelier with 5x 4W LED bulbs (20W total) in them and it works great.

I also have a chandelier with 4 smaller led lights and the same GE dimmer and they work good. For some reason these TCP lights do not light the dimmer. (And to answer a previous comment, yes they are hooked into the neutral wire as well). That was why I was so confused. I wish I knew of a LED Flood light I can use now. I am open for suggestions.

It could be that either the device is defective or your wiring is somehow mixed up. Not sure what to suggest other than going directly to GE for support.
I recommend ordering from a place with a good return policy like Amazon, as posted above performance may vary.