Ge wifi connected refrigerator

Anyone know if this will connect to Smartthings. I recently got a Ge cafe keurig wifi connected fridge, I can control it with an app, hoping to automate to make my coffee when I wake up instead of opening the app!

good luck. if you’re motivated, you can do it yourself with the following steps:

method 1: install wireshark or some lan traffic monitor on your network / phone. launch the GE app, perform your normal task. then go tack the the traffic monitor logs and sift through the commands that are required to to activate your tasks. make a smart app or virtual device type to emulate the steps to start the coffee. next lauch smart things app and make/edit a routine such as good morning and add coffee maker.

method 2: no coding required, only configurations. (android). must have tasker. turn on developer settings, display cursor pixel locations. then launch the GE app, for every button tap, note down the pixel location of the button you’re going to be using. then in tasker; make a task for the macro to make coffee. (ie: in tasker; step1 launch GE app, step 2 wait 5 sec for the app to finish loading, step3 goto pixel location 345x123 and press that button, – coffee is starting, step 4: verbal confirm task is started say " coffee is brewing" , step 5, kill GE app from running.

Derrek did you ever find a solution for this?

Nope, but ge has integrated with echo, do I can tell Alexa " to ask Geneva to heat water for coffee" which is pretty damn cool