GE 45633 and Smartthings

Can anyone give me some insight on this controller? I tried the 45600 and all it can do is act as a secondary control to turn some lights on and off. I decided to give the 45633 a shot but at this point i can’t seem to get it set up as a secondary control. I can get ST hub to see it and include it but thats about as far as i have gotten with it. I have 2 radio thermostats with usnap Zwave modules and i would like to be able to control them as well.
Any ideas about using this to control the hub itself in place of my smart phone?

much discussion in the forums.

It just comes down to the fact that most first generation scene controllers will not work with the SmartThings multiprotocol architecture. See the following topics for detailed explanation.

And this one which links to a couple of multibutton wall switches that will work, although the one in the title of the thread does not. Basically you have to find one which sends its commands to the hub, not just directly to the controlled devices.

45633 is an updated version of 45601. It adds Z-Wave Security command class, so it can operate door locks, for example. Unfortunately, just like 45601 and 45600, it lacks Z-Wave Scene Controller command class which is required to implement SmartThings “button” capability. I.e. you can use it as a secondary controller to control your Z-Wave devices independently from SmartThings hub, but the hub cannot intercept the controller button actions.

I have 2 radio thermostats with usnap Zwave modules and i would like to be able to control them as well.

You should be able to do that, but you’ll have to add the thermostat to the controller manually.

Ok, i get that i can’t use it to send commands to the hub, but as i said, the instructions don’t really explain much on setting it up as a secondary control unless the primary is another 45633.

They make it very hard. Yes it works, but we won’t tell you how to do it. Add it to the network. We are not allowed to know how to do that. How do you do it? The response is: you can do it, just do it. I see no way at all for a Smartthings hub to work with a 45633. If it works then tell us what where to find the information. Not just “yes it works just do it”. Step one: just do it yes it works. That response is not helpful, this thread provides no information, it is a complete waste of time. It is in the manual, which one the 45633 manual? or the ST Manual? I don’t even think there is a smartthings manual. The manual says the network support multiple controllers. That statement doesn’t tell you anything about how to do it.

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