Is there a device type for this and how many scenes does it control?

See the existing thread. This is a really old device and it works as a secondary controller only, which means it’s not going to work the way you think.

You will not be able to use the buttons on it and have the smartthings hub recognize that those buttons were pushed. You can add it to a SmartThings network, but after that the hub will just ignore it and the 45631 will not talk to the hub.

What you can do is use the 45631 to send on/off messages directly to some other Z wave devices which are within one hop of it. So it’s OK as a wall switch if you only have other Z wave devices in that room. But that’s about it.

It will also only be able to talk to devices with zwave ID of 32 (hex 20) or lower.

Please ask any follow-up questions in the following thread:

Thank you for the detailed answer so I guess that leave me with the Enerwave ZWN-SC7 or the Nexa NX1000 the very expensive option. Or I guess I can go with one of the two button controls, but I don’t like the ultra modern look of that big square with blue accent lights.

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There’s also a Leviton multibutton wallmount device that works well, but it’s more expensive than the Enerwave. (The new model, the enerwave SC8, is due out soon, btw, the SC7 may be hard to find for that reason.)


Leviton device is in post 50 of that thread.