GE 14291 Z-Wave Smart Switch Support

I was thinking about picking these up, they are on/off only and I wanted to see if anyone can confirm they will work without a custom device handler.


none of the GE z-wave plus switches currently work without a custom handler

That is not true. I have the dimmer version 14295 and it works without a custom handler. It shows as a generic dimmer switch in the ide

ah, nevermind then! I saw handlers floating around here. Maybe they open up more features the default one doesn’t?

you probably saw this post…

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The Plus switches will work with the default generic handler just without any of the extra features.

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Any certified Z wave devices, including the new GE switches, should work with on/off/dim, using the stock generic device type handlers.

If you want access to the advanced features, such as double tap, then you would need a custom handler at present, although I would expect them to eventually have a stock SmartThings handler.

Ah, but they still don’t. After the level of support you’ve seen from SmartThings, one should be realistic about their apathy.

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