GE 12727 Z-Wave Toggle switch fan/hue lights

(Mark Whaley) #1

I have a GE 12727 Z-Wave Toggle switch which is wired to an ceiling fan.
I have it configured that when the switch is turned on, it turns the fan on (lights are not enabled on the unit via the pull cord) and it then turns on 3 Hue lamps in the room.

The problem is, unless I open the Hue app and turn off the lights, they all turn off when I do the switch and I wanted ideally a way via the switch or some other configuration to leave the fan ON, but turn the lights off.

Ideas ?

(Keith Croshaw) #2

Are the hue’s powered by the same circuit as the fan? If so power is power, you can’t do it without adding another hot line separate from this GE Switch.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Keith is right; but there is a chance some clever usage of one or more “micro-relay” switch(es) ( or similar from a few other manufacturers like Aeotec), can solve the problem.

I’ve have yet to figure out all the ways these can be wired up in line with different circuits. If you have a neutral line at the fan and the physical switch, it may be possible to isolate the fan from the overall circuit and use the Z-Wave message from the Z-Wave Toggle and/or a micro switch to let SmartThings control the Hues.

This is speculation because I don’t know your exact wiring and would have to sketch out the placement of the micro’s to confirm the very fuzzy picture in my head. Definitely not optimistic, unfortunately. – Just … “a chance”.

(Keith Croshaw) #4

Yea you could put the Aeon Micro switch up in the fan housing and just leave a non smart switch in the on position at all times and tap off the power for the lamp fixture before the micro switch that would work. Just watch weather or not you have neutrals and the switch requires them.