Help! GE Add On Smart Switch not working but main switch dies

Hey gang - could use some help as I’m stumped.

I have a 3 way switch I’m replacing with GE 12727 AND Add on GE 12728 switches.

I’ve wired quite a switches including a few including a 4 way switch. I can get the main switch to work and control the lights fine, however nothing works on the add on switch. I know the line wire and load wires and believe I have it wired correctly.

Any tips on going through this? Really stumped and pretty frustrated with it. Would love some help.


There are two possibilities. Either the one of the switches is defective, or you wired it incorrectly. If the power is going to the main switch first with the light in the middle, it’s quite possible the other switch is miswired.

We’ll need pics of the switches wired but pulled from the boxes to help diagnose.

The add on switches are not wired the same as regular 3-way switches so I agree, we need pics.