GE 12727 Double Tap

I have a GE 12727 toggle switch, I am trying to turn on a smart light bulb when I double tap the toggle switch. I would also be ok pressing and holding the switch up to turn on the smart light. When I watch events, it only shows when I change the state of the switch, not just press the toggle switch. Is there a way that I can get feedback when I actuate the toggle switch?

Does the GE toggle switch control the load to the smart bulb? Or is it on a different circuit?

The GE toggle switch controls a dumb bulb, I have a lamp with a smart bulb that is on a different circuit that I would like to turn on with the double tap. I have installed the Double Tap app but my switch does not send back an event when the switch is in the on state and I toggle it on again.

I don’t think that GE switch is capable of doing that.

I think you want a switch like this.

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The GE 12727 doesn’t support double tap. That’s a feature that is available with some z-wave+ products. The GE 14292 does support it with this DTH by @nuttytree. Also, the Homeseer that @marktheknife suggested supports it as well.

With that said, a single tap should turn the light on to the brightness it was last set to. You can also use a smartapp like Smart Lighting to set it to 100% (99% really lol) on a single button press using the “Turn On & Set Level” method or webCoRE, Stringify or SmartRules, etc.

The issue that I have is the living room only has one light switch, which is on the opposite side of the master bedroom, so in the morning I have to either get my phone to turn on the lamp in the living room, or navigate a dark living room to find the switch. The goal was to be able to hit the switch in the bedroom down (off), when the lights were already off and it would then turn on the lamp in the living room while leaving the lights in the bedroom off so my wife wouldn’t wake up. I will look into getting another switch then.

If you have a smart bulb and there is predictability to your schedule, why not just set up a routine to turn the smart light on each morning at a specific time? Then when you got to the living room you can turn on the other light with the switch. It won’t be dark in the room anymore so no problem finding the switch.

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Well, there are other solutions to that problem.

You can use a timed routine (something like turn on at sunrise -15m) or, better yet, get a motion sensor and place that at a strategic location and have it turn on the living room lamp only between certain times and modes. A motion sensor is much cheaper than an additional switch as well.

You can also accomplish this using webCoRE or Stringify.

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Absolutely, lots of options here that are less expensive and more versatile than replacing a switch.

Hi guys - I have a GE 12722 Zwave switch. I think there should be a way to detect a double-tap programmatically, using webCoRE. I’ve posted about it here if anyone is interested in following along:

It can be done with the older GE models, and it’s what people used to do back in 2015, but the problem is that it’s just not consistent because of lag. So most people find that it works sometimes and it doesn’t work other times.

Also, it can be affected by which if any repeaters the message goes through. So if you look through the forums for double tap discussions from 2015 you’ll find lots of people discussing if there’s anyway to make it more reliable.

Since then, a number of devices have come out which capture the double tap at the switch itself and then send a single code to the hub for which touch pattern was detected. Those just work much more reliably.

So if you get an older GE model set up and it’s working at your house, that’s great. Just be aware that as you add additional devices over time (which may change the message routing paths) you may find there’s less consistency. Or you may find that consistency varies from day to day, which has been most people’s experience.

Thanks JD. Do you know if any of the GE 127xx models or equivalent support double tap? I assume they would also support it at the “dummy” switch in 3-way applications. I only care about double tap at one location, so I could update that master/slave switch without having to update all my GE 127xx switches.

None of those models support it at the switch. :disappointed_relieved: Only the newest models which start with a “14” instead of a “12” support it.

Thank you. Man I didn’t even realize they came out with a 14000 series, Do you know for certain the 14291 supports double tap? And if so, will it also support double-tap from a slave switch? I ask because when I called Jasco technical support and specifically asked about 14000 series having double-tap support, the agent told me as far as she knew there was no double tap support added in the 14000 series. Assuming it does support double tab, would webCoRE pick that up as a capability and make it easy to write a piston that responded to the double tap, or would I have to do some programming or device handler hacking to expose the double tap functionality?

Use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look in the device type handlers for the “Lighting” list. There are several device type handlers for the GE 14 series there and you can talk to people in those threads about the double tap capabilities.

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