Does new GE (12724) dimmer switches support double-tap action?


I’ve searched but couldn’t find an answer, so I thought I’d ask…

I’m looking for a dimmer switch that will brighten to full with a double-tap of the switch. I have several Linear switches and I know that they don’t support double-tap.

However, I understand that GE has released a new line of Z-Wave dimmer switches, including the 12724, which is the basic decora dimmer switch.

Does anyone know if the new GE switches either support programmable double-tap (i.e. recognize two consecutive on-taps and relays info to the hub), or turns on full brightness with double-on-taps?

Thanks folks!
Top L

It appears to support “press and release” and “press and hold” as two separate conditions, but not double tap.

Thanks for your response JD.

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I didn’t get a notification about your reply and didn’t check this for a while thinking there was no activity.


It appears the Double Tap SmartApp only works with standard on/off switches (can not get to work with the aux 3-way or dimmers, tried several models/brands), but works good with all tested regular switches (only the master of a 3/4-way setup). Sucks cause this is a great feature, not sure why 3/4-way aux wouldn’t work, I thought it just triggered the master?

I guess I could just install 2 masters and setup one with no load connected and have it fire the other whenever triggered, then both could be individualy programed for a different double tap action.

Can’t think of a workaround for a dimmer…