Gate integration?

Hey guys, I have a gate that is operated by Liftmaster. It is about 15 yards from the house - not far. I am curious if there is any kind of zwave device that would integrate with the gate so I can open them by ST or Alexa.
The gates have auto closing after 20 seconds, so in reality all I need is for them to open when I press a button on ST or ask Alexa to do it.

I think you can check what @JDRoberts suggested here: Dumb aircon - smart hack?

If you have a free remote, then a “smart finger” should do the trick.


Or if you have a remote control for the gate, you could have 2 wires soldered to it, then to a Fibaro relay module, you need to change a parameter in the Fibaro that turns it into a momentary switch, then just leave it facing the gate, with this you can use Alexa, ST, Tasker, Sharptools to open your gate. Personally I’ve remapped the Bixby button on my Galaxy to open the gate, it works 100% of the time.

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Always, I do have remote control and can add one more specifically for the zwave function. That would be the best case scenario. Any idea where I can find a write up on how to do it?
Thank you!

Here’s a photo to give you an idea, I’m sure you can go to an electrical shop and have them solder onto the remote because it’s quite a delicate operation unless you can do it yourself of course. I used the Fibaro single relay 212, as that model can handle the small load of the remote.

And to change this parameter I used the “Z-wave tweaker” device handler then just changed it back to the default device handler that runs locally.

Thank you!!!