Gate control with a Fibaro Relay Switch?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help.

I am trying to work out how / if i can use a Fibaro Dual Relay Switch to open and close my gates which are controlled by a LiftMaster CB11 control board.

The control board allows the connection of a switch to open / close the gates so i’m hoping the relay can be used as that switch. Below are the details of how the gate control board and relay switch works and i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of what to connect where.

At the moment the gates are programmed so the leafs get to a specific point and stop, wait a while and then close. They are currently controlled by a remote and the plan is to use GEO-Fencing so when at a specific distance from the house the gates are opened. Reading the gate controller documentation i think i just need to use connections 17 & 20 and that will make the switch act in the same way the remotes do. I just need to work out how to connect that to the relay.

Many Thanks

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Perfect, Thanks @anon36505037.

Do i have to use both connections on the relay ? If i just connect terminal 17 on the gate controller to O1 on the relay is that not enough to make it work ?

Ultimately all i need to do i think is send a single pulse to the gate controller and the programming on the boarrd will then take over as it does when you use a remote.

Thanks for the speedy repsonce though… much appreciated.

Hi Robin,

The remote’s do not work that way, sorry if its confusing i did try to explain in my original post.

The remotes currently used have a single button. You pull up and press it, thats it. The gate controller is programmed so that each leaf opens to a specified angle and then stops. This is done per leaf. a delay is then set to keep the gates open for a specified time and then they automatically close. If you interested the board is a Lift Master CB11.

We also have a slightly different remote in the house that also allows audio. This also has a single button that you press and the gates activate according to the programming above. We have never had anything where we press a button to open and another to close although i do know that is an option.

This is why i think you only need point 17 ( switch one - normal control ) and 20 ( comm ) used on the controller. It was more a question of what connections do i use from the relay.

I just found this… sorry should have been included with the drawing.

N - terminal for neutral lead
L - terminal for live lead
I - input terminal for load power supply
O1 i O2 - output terminal of the load
S2 - terminal for key no. 2
S1 – terminal for key no. 1 (has the option of entering the device in
learning mode)
B- service button (used to add or remove a device from the system

As you suggested, i’m sure O1 on the relay needs to connect to 17 on the gate controller but does 20 connect to 1 on the relay, that looks to me that it is a split off L for a power feed ?

I already have the Fibaro relay and obviously the gate kit so i’m trying to use what i have rather than replace bits.

Thanks for your help so far.

Sorry just read your final post while typing mine… will go give that a go and see how i get on. Thanks

I think you are correct. You gate controller appears to only need the one momentary input across 17 and 20 to signal the gate to open. Your controller is basically set to auto close. The other input on 18 is optional control functions that don’t have anything wired to correct?

Is the Fibaro IN, O1, O2 dry contact relay output with no voltage? It looks like it based on the diagrams so wire IN to terminal 20 and O1 to 17, But it there is voltage present you will need a isolation relay like @anon36505037 is showing.

The other issue though is the action of the input to 17, 20. I think you are looking for momentary not latching action. So I am not sure if the Fibara sends just a pulse output when it’s triggered from your presence automation.

Ok… all working :smile:

I did just need to connect O1 on teh relay to 17 on the gate controller and IN to 20. The relay appears in Smartthings as a On / Off Zwave device and was very easy to set up / add.

For info, the switch just opens and closes on the relay there is no power transferred ( i checked via volt meter )

Only slight issue ( i think ) is the relay needs to be switched on and then off… Off needs to be switch within around 20 seconds as thats how long the gates take to open but could be done within 5 seconds. At the moment i am just switching them on / off manually via the app.

What i need to do is create a rule that when Gates switches on, turn off after 15 seconds.

That way i can create an automation rule using geo-fencing on our mobiles so when close to home the gates just open.

Any idea’s anyone ?

Hey @anon36505037 you have absolutely nothing to apologise for. You was a great help and unless you had all the instructions to the gate controller had would you of ever known.

However that default handler sounds very useful :wink:

For now i have created a work around by using a sensor we have in the porch to switch on the outside light on motion / and fixed a fixed lumin value. All i said is when the sensor detects motion switch off the gate… after all when you get home the next normal step is to go in the house :relaxed:

Thanks for your help and again no need to apologise, thats what forums are for. Interestingly i also posted the same question one the Fibaro & Vera forums…( i also have a Vera that i no longer use as Smarthings is … well Smarter ) and i didn’t get a any answers there.


Perfect, Thanks @anon36505037.

I have no idea how to use ir or where to put it…but i’m sure i’ll work it out.