Gate Controller Help Needed

I’ve asked this question before, but not sure I can use any of the solutions that was offered. Maybe it is because I did not explain my situation right.

I have an entry gate ** LiftMaster La 400 dual gate opener, 2 transmitters, 2 safety photo eyes, 1 exit wand,** which is operated by the battery. Battery being constantly charged from the plug in. However, if you take the plug in off the battery will still have enough juice to open/close gates for approximately 10 times. The only way I can open the gate is by using a wireless remote control.

Reason, I am describing all of it is to let you know that compare to the garage door opener, I don’t have a motor which opens/closes door. I also don’t have wired opener on the wall that all garage doors have.

Basically, I see two possible solutions in my case:

  1. Device which learns remote control frequency and being able to send it to gates (for instance, my garage remote opener learned frequency of the gates and now I can use garage opener for the gates).

  2. Second solution, some sort of set up, to solder to the gate remote control button to ST device which is able to imitate button push when commanded by ST.

Can anyone help me with that?

I don’t think you have provided enough information for anyone to advise you. What is the model of your gate opener? Although you don’t have a wired button it may have inputs that are unused. If that’s the case many of the common ST solutions would work.

As Matt says, we need to know the exact model number of the gate opener and then there’s a lot more we can do from there.

Another alternative, as weird as it might sound, is just to build a button pusher. These work, although they’re very 20th century right now. (There are new higher tech ones coming, but not on the market yet.)

I updated my post at the top, however, here it is again. I have a Liftmaster La 400 dual gate opener, 2 transmitters, 2 safety photo eyes, 1 exit wand.
Does it help?