Liftmaster Gate Control

I have searched, but can’t seem to find the answers. I bought a MIMOLite to control my Liftmaster LA400 driveway gate, but it is about 350 ft from the house so it doesn’t reach and I have no ability to put in a repeater. The gate does have power, but no wires run from the house to the gate. I have found a long distance contact closure that should reach without a problem and gives me the ability to control the gate as well as give me a magnetic open/close sensor.

The MIMOLite/Contact Closure can “press” the Single Button Control input to operate the gate.

Currently, the gate opens with the push of a remote button and closes after 15 seconds with the timer that is on the control board. The only way to keep it open is to press the “party mode” button with the gate open. I was thinking if ST controlled it through the MIMOLite, I could turn the time off and have ST automatically close the gate after 1 min, and if I made some sort of Routine or Smart App, it would disable the auto close and stay open.

Is this possible? I am new to the whole programming thing, so if someone has already written something, it would be a great help.

Not sure if you ever got a reply on this, but I am using this exact setup for my gate which is 1000 feet away. Works pretty well. I am using the MMOLite with the 900MHZ Wireless contact transmitters in a wooded area and it seems to work good. I modified the device handler to work and use a limit switch for gate status. Let me know if you need some help. I am not an expert but will give you what I used. Thanks, Jack

Thanks for the reply Jack. I ended up getting the 2 relay board and installed it last week. Went with the 2 relays in case I ever want to operate a light or something out there I can.

So far it works well. I turned the 20 second timer off on the gate and have the ST shut the gate for me but the shortest amount of time I can pick is 1 minute. Do you have some sort of automatics closure set up?

I also created a virtual switch so the gate won’t close after a minute if I want it open for some reason (like the original “party” mode). That seems to work well so far too.


I think it was smart to go with two relays which allows for some future expansion. I have the single relay version and have it powered by the solar panel on the gate. I have the gate setup to auto close after 3 minutes. What Device handler are you using? I am using a modified MIMOLite device handler from skyjunky. Hope you have good luck like me, my gate and relay setup is two years old and all I have had to replace is the gate batteries. Best regards, Jack


I’m using a MIMOLite as well with a device handler for a garage door. I use Smart Lighting with Power Allowance Exceeded to monitor the magnetic switch. If opened after a minute it closes it. I’m luck enough to have power at the gate with battery backup without having to rely on solar.


I’m looking at doing the same thing. Is it possible to use the Mimolite to get the status of the gate directly from the LA400 board, or do you need separate contact sensors?