Gas (methane) detector (and ideally smoke and co detectors) with alert on app (and on site)

Hello smartthings.

For a handfull of holiday rentals (with full wifi coverage), I need gas detectors that alert both our guests on site and us (the ownwers) via internet/app. Obviously we would need to be alerted to a specific location (so that we may know which of our rentals is affected and which room therein.) I’d be greatful for some recommendations here.

It would also be great to have recommendations on smoke- and co-detectors that work the same way, ideally even with the same app.


This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context.

Were you planning to use the Samsung platform for the homes? And if so, will you have a SmartThings hub in each one? The use of a hub allows for additional candidate devices.

Also, we will need to know what country you are in, as the device selections do vary.

If you are not using a hub, but are using the SmartThings platform, that’s fine, it just changes the device candidates.

Just in case you aren’t planning to use the SmartThings platform at all, then you might want to check out the Reddit home automation subforum. It covers all brands/platforms. :sunglasses:

Ok. If you are going to use a SmartThings Hub, let us know, and there are a number of devices we can discuss.

If you aren’t planning to have a hub at each location, you might want to take a look at the shelly products. They use Wi-Fi and don’t need a hub. They do offer a SmartThings integration, but can also be used without it.

There are a number of other similar devices from other brands, but they would be off-topic for this community since they don’t have smartthings integrations. Again, you can ask for recommendations on those at the Reddit forum.

Hello JDRoberts,

thanks for your swift and kind reply. I understood this is a SmartThings forum, yes, but I wasn’t aware that one needs a particular hub or any other additional advice. I am new to the matter entirely and assumed having the detectors connetct to the house wifi and thereby to the internet would do. Apparently no.

I’ve had a brief look at and found spedifics (Connected Living - Explore | SmartThings) but no introduction to the basics.

Even now, searching support, I find no basic explanation of either the SmartThings platform or SmartThings hub (one page explains what it does but not what it is—a material device? Linked to my router? A software … ?)

If you could point me to product pages with brief and comprehensive explanations on those options, I’d be thankful.

Location is Mexico.


SmartThings ™ is a home automation platform from Samsung. They do offer several hub models, but you only need those if you are going to use devices that use the Zigbee, zwave, thread, or Matter over WiFi networking protocols.

You can still use the smartthings app without having a Hub. That configuration is usually used by people with Samsung smart televisions or appliances, because those use the same app. But you don’t have to have one of those either. The smartthings app can still communicate cloud to cloud over the Internet to a number of different home automation devices.

All of that said, speaking just for myself I honestly don’t think that SmartThings is likely going to be the right solution for your particular use case.

I suspect Tuya SmartLife will be a better match. It will be less expensive and has a wider variety of WiFi devices. (Tuya devices are sold under dozens of different brand names, but they all work with the smart life app.) But there are other choices as well. Again, though, discussing those other choices would take us off topic for this forum, so it would be better to do that over at Reddit.

As far as a quick explanation of what smartthings is, here is the official site

Hey JDRoberts, thanks for your post about the Shelly Gas LPG. It’s no longer listed on Amazon, but it seems that Walmart sells it here.
My question is - is there anything special I need to do in order to link the Shelly Gas LPG product to my SmartThings hub/network? Thanks!

I don’t know for sure with that particular model. Typically with Shelly, there are two different ways to integrate It with smartthings.

The official integration is cloud to cloud. You add it to your Shelly account and then you link your Shelly account to your smartthings account through “Linked services.” But that doesn’t work for all models or all features, so you need to check with Shelly support to see if the model you’re interested in is included in the official integration.

If it’s not, and you have a Smart thinka/Aeotec hub, there is a community integration that might work. Again, check that thread to see if that specific model has been included yet.

Edge Shelly drivers for Gen1 and Gen2 Devices