Connecting Kidde Smoke and CO Alarm to SmartThings

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen some threads on connecting Kidde products, but none have seemed to really answer my question. I’m migrating my products from a Wink setup and I was wondering if there’s a device type or smart app that anyone made to add the Kidde Smoke and CO Alarm that Wink uses to an ST setup?

I’ve seen the solution that involves hacking a door sensor, but I was hoping there might be a more elegant solution.


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It’s impossible. Wink has a dedicated built-in radio that talks to Kidde. SmartThings does not.

Aren’t there devices that alert based on the sound of the alarm going off? Could have sworn I heard about one that was Z-Wave or Wi-Fi.

Roost being one, though not what I was thinking of.

Yes, I have the leeo smart alert. You plug it in to a wall outlet and then have it listen to your varying smoke and carbon dioxide alarms, will even capture some water leak detectors. Once set up if it hears an alarm it will contact your phone and an emergency contact. If neither respond that things are ok it will contact the authorities. I’m getting a monitored alarm system discount with my homeowner’s insurance for having it.