Gas Log fireplace integration

What’s anyone using to turn on/off their gas log fireplace? I’ve got a wireless (I’d assume RF) remote that triggers a relay. Using my volt meter, looks like it fires 6v DC to turn on and -6v DC to turn it off. Looks like it would be pretty easy to wire a similar z wave relay into it in parallel to do the same if such a thing existed. Any advice?

I’d double-check those voltages. Relays usually have some voltage to turn on, and 0 voltage to turn off, not a plus and a minus . I’d guess that your relay is probably a 120v AC relay, not a 6v DC relay, so be sure you’re on the proper AC/DC setting when you check.

I’m planning to automate mine, assuming I can find 120v wiring somewhere inside the fireplace enclosure. My current manual paddle switch only has a single low voltage wire, so I need to find line voltage and probable run a relay similar to this one to switch the on/off wire:

The relay is powered by 2 AA batteries so its not 120 AC.

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Each setup may be a bit different…

My fireplace had two normal on/off switches. One for the relay to open the gas and a second switch to start the fan/blower if desired.

I kept the switch for the gas and also added a wemomaker relay. Either flipping the switch or activating the relay turn on the fire. I integrated it with smartthings and also Alexa via IFFT initially, but now through a virtual switch.

For the fan, I eliminated the switch entirely and have a rule that turns on the fan whenever the fire relay is on and remains on 10 minutes after the relay turns off to finish cooling the fireplace.

I tried to use the contact pictured below but never got it working the way I wanted… and it didn’t sit flush in a switchplate anyway. I had the wemomaker lying around from when I previously used it as a garage door opener. It works very reliably and integrates with Alexa and ST pretty easily.

I suggest you read through this thread. A gas fireplace usually has a millivolt valve that is switched by making a connection without any power… so you will need a dry contact relay like the One above. If you send power to the valve you will likely blow it and valve to replace the whole thing.

You should also check your local building code if it allows for remote gas fireplace control.

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It could be a bistable (latching) relay. Because it runs off of batteries, apply a quick 6V jolt and the relay switches to on. Remove power, relay stays where it is (latches). Apply the voltage in reverse, it goes back to off. Trick is to not abuse the battery power… Not unheard of :wink:

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I assume your fireplace has a pilot flame? If so you have the same valve as me. The dry contact module that others are posting won’t work with your fireplace because like you tested the remote is basically engaging a motor that turns one way on positive and the other way on negative, thus opening and closing the valve.

I was able to set mine up with an Arduino, SmartThing Zigbee Shield, and a MotorShield:

Unfortunately others have been saying the ST Shield has been out of stock for a while and that is the glue to integrate the Arduino with ST.

Edit: just looked and Shield is back in stock on ST store.

Let me know if you want any further details. Obviously you need to get the hardware first. I have an Arduino doing other things in my home so I just added this capability to my existing setup.

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