Gas fireplace low voltage switch on wall

We have a gas fireplace and I have a simple smart z-wave relay switch wired in. The low voltage dumb wall switch must be on in order for us to turn on the fireplace using the relay.
Is there a low voltage z-wave smart wall switch so we can eliminate the relay? I wired this up 5 or 6 years ago but am wondering if there is some new smart tech since then.
Thank you!

What model relay? Most relays have an input for a manual switch.

I have a regular dumb wall switch that turns my fireplace on/off (low voltage). I put over it to get SmartThings control. But that smart switch does not show battery level. But, it works well for voice control.

I see so this installs over the existing low voltage switch. Promising! Thank you.

@Automated_House It’s a 4.5 year old Linear FS20Z-1.

It crapped the bed, but I had a backup (same model) so am up and running again.

Before I realized I had that backup, I did order this.

It seems like it is designed to do just what I want, however I figured an old fashioned (low voltage) wall switch is either open or closed and will be out of phase with on/off status of relay.

To be honest, the way you have yours setup now is safer. The fireplace can not be turned on programmatically unless the analog switch is on. However, the fireplace can not be turned on without the relay saying so. That’s double security and you can kill the fire either through ST or the analog switch.

I went a different route. I used the “Fan” switch to power the relay to the gas valve. I was able to put a SmartSwitch on the fan that feeds an outlet inside the fireplace that the fan is plugged into. Using the same plug, I powered the relay that turns on/off the fireplace. Can also turn on/off via the analog switch. However, if turned on via the analog switch, I can’t turn it off programmatically.

I could easily eliminate that analog switch but like having the ability to still light the fireplace in case of full power failure.


I use the Zooz device you ordered. The wall switch acts like a 3-way switch now, so toggling it turns it on/off. I also set mine to automatically turn off after an hour.

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Alright, so if I understand…

Scenario 1:
traditional low voltage wall switch in traditional off position (lower part of paddle pushed in),
relay changed to on state in ST app
= :fire: comes on

Then, scenario 2:
:fire: is on
wall switch still in off position and relay still in on state,
wall switched flipped to traditional on position (upper part of paddle pushed in)
= :fire: turns off

I should just buy the thing and try it.
Regardless, I’m grateful for you talking through this with me :slight_smile:

You have it right. :+1:t2:

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