Gas Fireplace switch without power supplied

(Greg Gauthier) #1

I have a gas fireplace with a regular on off switch that I would like to automate.

The problem is that I don’t have Neutral wire or any power in the gang box box to power ZWAVE type GE/JASCO switch.

Are their any products that would have a “self powered switch” function I could use to turn on and off the gas fireplace?

Any other methods are appreciated in order to get this fireplace connected up to my smartthings hub.

(Brian Steere) #2

I don’t have an answer for you, but this is a clever idea. I also have a gas fireplace with a switch. I may have to look in the box and see what’s there.

(Alex) #3

@greggauthier, you must have a fan on your fireplace. There should be a power line nearby.

On the other hand, I would rather use a battery powered relay, since some building codes don’t allow low voltage cables to be mixed with line voltage.

I’m looking to smarten up my fireplace too.

(Chrisb) #4

The switch for my fireplace is on the side of the metal border around it. This is just a simple circuit. When switched on it turns on the fireplace, when off it breaks the loop and the fireplace goes off.

I wired up a Remotec relay to an old power cord and plugged it into the outlet behind the gas fireplace that also provides power to the fan. Then the wires from the switch go to the “external” hook up on the relay, and the relay circuit runs to where the switch used to be.

Now I can use SmartThings to turn on/off the fireplace. But the external switch still works too.

(Greg Gauthier) #5

Thanks everyone I’ll order the relay to feed my addiction

(Sean Vreeland) #6

I’m not a electric wizard by any means, but I have the same issue. Can someone link me to a “relay” that would work? this is what my current fireplace control looks like. Would like to simply add a GE on/off switch. Please see pic. Possible?

(Alex) #7

No, not possible with simple switch.

You are looking at a low-voltage wires. You must not connect them to line voltage.

If you have line voltage nearby (fireplace fan?), there are several options you can pursue…

(Sean Vreeland) #8

Damn, that’s what I thought. Thanks for the input.

(Jim ) #9

I had been fighting with this issue…I’m currently using a CT100 thermostat, it is both battery powered and low voltage powered. I connected the fireplace switch which is open or closed to the “heat” and R terminal. I can turn the fireplace on/off by changing the mode. An issue that I haven’t resolved (certainly open to suggestions) is “heat” and “auto” are fireplace ON…“off” and “cool” are fireplace OFF. The CT100 mounted over existing switch box for a clean installation.