Battery powered relay

I have a gas fireplace running two low voltage wires to an electrical box nearby with a standard off-the-shelf light switch which shorts them together, closing the circuit and turning on the fireplace. So far so good.

But now I want control from Smart Things. I have nothing in that box except the two low voltage wires. No power. No neutral. Nothing.

So all I need is a battery-powered relay to close the circuit. For the life of me, I can’t find a suitable device.

I don’t have a lot of restrictions. The switch is already in a 2-gang low-voltage ring, and I have lots of space behind the wall. I would prefer Z wave, but it’s not essential. I would even be be willing to rig the batteries up myself if necessary if the solution takes something in the 3-12V DC range.

Can anyone offer a suitable battery-powered relay?

I don’t think you’re gonna find anything that suites your need. The problem is when activated whatever device you have will need to hold the relay closed. That process is gonna drain the battery very very quickly. So although you could probably find something that runs on battery It’s not going to last actually turning on the fireplace and holding it on.

Do you have a blower motor underneath the fireplace that might have 110 V? If so this question has been asked multiple times and there are a lot of people that tapped into that blower motor supply wiring. If that’s not possible can you get a 5v USB cable over to it? If so you could use the ST anything project to do what you want.

Either way you’re going to need a source of power from somewhere. Unless you’re putting in some big 12 V battery packs that you’re gonna have to recharge every so often.

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