Garage opener via button

Good Day!

I think I have a problem that isn’t a problem:
I have a garage opener that works via a button.
Tap: Door open. Tap: Door closed.

How can I automate this?

Aeotec switch or smart shutter?


The possible solutions will vary depending on the brand and model of your garage door motor and on the country you are in. (Since you asked about Aeotec, I am assuming that you do have a SmartThings or Aeotec hub. If not, let us know, as that will again change the possible devices you can use.)

Yes, I have an aeotec hub.
I think that the model of the Garage opener doesnt matter, because I just need a tap on the Button.

First rule of Home Automation: “the model number matters.” If nothing else, it would let us see the size and shape of the button to be pushed. :thinking:

But if you just want something like a robot finger to physically push the button, that’s definitely doable. Again, we need to know the country you are in because the device selections do vary.

Yes, it really is like a robot finger…
Country is Germany.
The button is a “normal” on off Button, not a switch , the motor of the garage door is not defined because it is at least 40 years old.

Thank you for your Support!

In that case, the following device will act as a “matter bridge“ and bring some of its attached devices into SmartThings. The integration will be local and will not require any custom code. It works well, I use this in my own home.

Or you can buy directly from the manufacturer’s EU site, in which case you will also have the option of the matter enabled SwitchBot hub mini.

(it will also work with the original SwitchBot hub mini which does not support matter, but then the integration will be cloud to cloud. So I think the extra cost for the matter version is definitely worth it for most people.)

And this is the SwitchBot button pusher which you will physically attach next to your current button so it can press it.

It can apply about 1.5 kg of force, which should be sufficient for most buttons.

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OK, I think we have misunderstood each other. :slight_smile:
I have a button that I use to open and close the door. Now I want to connect a ‘component’ in between to close the contact via smartthings. But not permanently, like with a switch, that wouldn’t work.
Hence my initial question: would this work with the Aeotec schutter or the Aeotec switch, for example?
It’s difficult to explain…

If you want to wire something in between the button and the garage controller to activate the garage controller than it depends very much on the specific model of the garage controller.

Sometimes this is possible, sometimes not. But absolutely not with the shutter controller. If it is doable, just a simple momentary relay.

You need a “momentary“ switch so that the smart device always resets itself after it is used, making it ready for the next command, whether it comes from a physical button push or from the network. Otherwise, you could end up with a situation where the smart device was “off” and pressing the physical button wouldn’t then open or close the garage door. And that could be a real problem.

The SwitchBot approach doesn’t have this problem. It literally just physically presses the existing button. no wiring required. So you know it will work. And you can still press the button yourself if you want to . I use several of these in my own home and find them useful. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

Ha, great minds…

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Isn’t it much easier with a Shelly or Aeotec switch and an “auto-off” time after one second?

Is it a bad idea?

It depends on the exact model of your garage door opener, and where you live. Automatic Garage doors can be quite Dangerous, so in some places, there are required built-in safety features which adding the relay might bypass. Thus increasing the danger and failing to meet local safety code.

In some places, there are special requirements required If your set up will allow you to operate the garage door when you are not close enough to see it operating. So those would apply to any of the setups that just use a simple relay.

And in some jurisdictions, even if you have an older garage door motor that doesn’t have those safety features, as soon as you add the new switch, you become liable for meeting current safety codes.

But again, there is a lot of variation from place to place about what is required.