Any smart button to replace my garage door push button on wall?

Hi all,

I am looking for a smart button to replace my old, traditional garage door push button, the one that we mount on wall. Like this one:
Wall push button

My LiftMaster is a old one, part# 41a5021-1g. I basically want to control the garage door through Smartthings. Please guide. Thanks a lot!

Hi @jkcn,

Let me first start with a security disclaimer. It is not recommended to use ST in order to automait your garage doors as there were and still are issues with garage doors triggering while people are away or sleeping. That said, I have automated my garage door and have posted a project on how to some time ago. Please read it completely and I stess the part about failsafe: Install a Smart Power outlet in line with your garage door opener before you automait in order to be able to secure your garage door.


If the button for your garage door is a simply contact switch then you can install the GD00Z-4 zwave garage door controller. (The button you listed is just a basic contact so this device should work with your garage.)

I have this device and really like it. I don’t “automate” my garage but I like that I am alerted if I leave it open and I can open and close it from basically anywhere.

You can then purchase any smart button to replace your garage door button as you asked.

You can get the DH for this device from my repo.

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