Garage Door Shortcut not in sync with the Garage Door Sensor

I have an ecolink garage door sensor with a relay to open and close the door. Everything works great, but if I operate the door manually, the shortcut and the sensor get out of sync. The sensor shows the door open, but the switch shows it still closed. Is there a way to get these to stay synced?

I have a similar issue with my garage door setup too, so I’m curious to see what is the solution to this.
In my setup, I’m using the SmartSense Multisensor mounted on the top panel of my garage door. (Not using the magnet part.) When my wife gets home, she uses a normal garage door opener to open and close the door. Sometimes the shortcut in the mobile app (android) will update the correct status, other times it will not, even if I am home and connected to Wi-Fi. I had to get up and go to the garage to verify that the garage door was closed because the app told me it was open. I think I’m going to have to find some way to have my QSee security camera send me a picture to verify an open/closed garage door because right now, I don’t fully trust the mobile app status.