Does the MIMOlite device add child devices like with Vera?

I just bought one of these along with an open/close wired door sensor. Fortrezz’s documentation about setting this up as a garage door opener discusses how to install the door sensor, and that using a sensor connected to their device will provide the zwave network a status of the open/close state of the door.

Has anyone used a hardwired sensor instead of a Multi? If so, how does the SmartThings hub handle that device? Seems like it should be set up as a momentary switch, with something else indicating open/close status. I did try to search, but I didn’t find the answers I was looking for, so any help would be great.



Just found the thread with what I was looking for:

I would like to see SmartThings support all capabilities of this device.

The link you provided is no longer valid, and I have the same question. I already have my garage wired up to an INSTEON IOLinc, which works great as a dual sensing + control device. However, SmartThings does not support INSTEON, so I’m looking for a suitable alternative.

Everything I’ve found so far either uses the battery powered tilt sensor, or battery powered contact sensors. From what I read of the Mimolite, and how it works with the Vera, it sounds like it should handle both sensing and control, but I cannot find anything within the SmartThings community or support pages that indicates this is possible.

Where does this stand, and is there official support or something 3rd party that will make this work?