Garage Door Opener advise

So long story short, my car got broken into, wife’s spare car key was in my car. wife’s car got stolen, garage door opener was in wife’s car. So I need to replace it, since it needs to be replaced, I figure I would get a smart one that works with ST. any suggestions, or ideas?

I am going to ask about cameras later too. LOL


wait, what? The garage door remote was in her car that got stolen, so you need a new remote, right? There are no smart garage door remotes, just devices that control the main unit itself.

You shouldn’t need to replace the whole opener, most give you the ability to delete all learned remotes.

well, thats makes sense! thank you!

I thought I need to get a new unit because the thieves have the remote, and I dont want them getting in the garage.

Any idea idea, on where I start to look for that option? This is the first house I own, and it is not a new unit either

Usually they have some kind of learn button that you hold for an extended period of time. Google the model and you’ll most likely find the users manual.

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What’s the make and model?

I am not home right now, I will get back to you with that info. Thank you!

I hope you unplugged the opener. They sound persistent enough to return. I’d get the cameras going immediately.

Smart openers are troublesome. You want a DUMB garage door opener anyway - which has an inside wall-mount regular single-button, unlit, push it to open, push it to stop, push it to close.

Thank you! I did unplug it and also reset the code to be safe. we alter realized both of our remotes were in the car, so we can no remotes now.

Challenger, Series 9192
Model no.: CH-1006

sucks to hear that happening…
you can still get garage door remotes again, just do the learning function with existing garage opener.
we have gocontrol garage door opener , presence tags for our car and garage remote
we hardly use our garage door remotes after making rules to close the garage if a car leaves…but i wouldnt want to go without

What did you use as the presence device for the vehicles? Also, I had our phones set up as presence device to lock/unlock doors, but I found the system to be unreliable, as a few times the phones dropped from the network and auto attaching to network causing door to unlock in the middle of the night. I would hate for that to happen with the garage doors.


i use the smartthings presence tag. you need to make sure the zigbee network is strong. i recommend making sure you have some zigbee switches or do what i did, wired some switches to always be on and install some zigbee cree bulb that is turned on by motion or other ways. another great zigbee option is for garage using spruce irrigation. only false alarms i get are the garage opening if you choose to do that rule. you could always have it close if the car left. i think my home is extensive in zigbee and the rare false open i get is odd. its rare but this is what happens…car is present, ST shows its present, but rare occurence and i mean 2 times in 6 months, but then it shows arrived even though never left per ST.

Found an online manual, try this to clear out all of the old programmed remotes:

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Thank you all for the feedback, so I went with the advise of changing the code and also I unplugged the garage door opener, so we have not been using the garage. LOL (it is a single car garage). I actually have used the time to rearrange/clean up the garage since there is a baby on the way (in 2.5 weeks). Now that we are going to start using the garage for the purpose of parking one of our vehicle, I want to start automating it. What do you guys recommend is the best way to go?

seems like at least Alexa/Echo and perhaps also SmartThings (ST), are deprecating/interfering with garage door operation (versus monitoring), so as you try to install an “automatic garage door solution”, you may run into poorly-, obsoletely- or un-documented behaviour in which the door action does not occur when requested.


IMO ST home-automation door openers are trouble. Always opening unexpectedly. If you insist on attempting it, then I’d consider a redundant switch to disconnect power from the door opener, when you absolutely don’t want the door to open, like 2am when you are sleeping, or 2pm when nobody is home and nobody arrived. That way ST would have to make 2 mistakes before your door would open unexpectedly.

Plus it’s kinda cool to kill the power remotely and know it won’t open by a stolen remote, or a scanning remote, like on vacation.

Even then, frequently the emergency release is within reach of a broken garage door window.