FOR SALE: Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller w/ extra sensor

I have this for sale, I had it installed for a few weeks and decided to go another route. It comes with everything it came with new, and I am including an extra door sensor. Asking $85 shipped obo

I may be interested. What is the second sensor used for? Don’t you only need on per door?

Yes, the second sensor is used if you have a 2 car garage w/ 2 doors and openers

How long were you using it and why did you choose another route?
Do you have any way to prove its functionality like a video showing it working?

I used it for about 4 weeks, then I decided to go with the z-wave garage door controller because I did not like that the MyQ didn’t allow me to use my garage door remote. I do not have a video of it in motion, but it was 100% functional when I packed it up. If it doesn’t work, I would be fine with you sending it back for a refund.

Did it disable it?

The thing is, the way that you pair your remote to the garage door opener is the same way you pair to the MyQ, so only one controller at a time.

well, that is lame. What if your network is down?

there’s always the keypad outside.

Interesting. I actually installed one of these things yesterday and my garage door remotes still work. Maybe a different brand opener that handles it differently?

FWIW, I have had the same experience as @ratedz in that I have 7 openers opening the same door (2 home link systems, 3 b/u remotes - 1 in each car and a 3rd in the house, 1 keypad, the button next to the garage door, and the device as shown in the OP). I have an older model Chamberlain though so it could be the manufacturer.

That’s strange. I could not get any remote to pair after it was paired to the MyQ.