Garage Door Open Sensor

Wondering if their is a door sensor that runs off of electric?

I have 2 garage doors and I only want to know if they were opened or are open for more than 30- 60 minutes.
The kids have a tendency to open them up and not close them and sometimes I only find out the next day.

I do not want to automate the opening of the doors.

  1. I was wondering if any sensors run off of electric or I could add an adapter to a battery operated one.
  2. Two of the doors are a ways from my hub, so I’m assuming I’ll need to put in a z-wave repeater.
  3. Which would be the better one?

People usually use a tilt sensor on the garage door which would be difficult to wire because it moves with the door. They are battery powered, but they usually last over a year before needing to replace the battery.

There might be other solutions like a line of sight laser that can detect if it’s open that is powered without a battery, but I’m not aware of how to integrate that with smartthings.

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