Best Type of Sensor to detect garage door motion?

I currently have my garage door connected to a MIMOlite, which is hooked up to a wired track sensor. This is similar to the floor sensors often recommended, but you don’t have to drill holes in the concrete. This all works great for opening and closing the door and sensing whether the door is open or closed. The part that I would like to improve is the “opening” and “closing” states, which is currently simulated when the open/close state changes.

Are there any sensors I could use that would send back “in motion” vs “stationary” status back? Accelerometer on the door (battery)? Vibration sensor on the door/track (batter/wired)?

If it was reliable enough, I would like to use a wired solution that could work with an NC/NO contact. I don’t like changing batteries. I plan to replace my MIMOlite for the MIMO2+ as it has a second contact, plus the ZWave security class.

One thing I have considered is a power consumption sensor. When the motor is engaged it should be drawing a measurable amount of power. Has anyone had any success with that?

If I can’t find a solution, my backup plan is to get a second track sensor and place it on the opposite side. The only downside to this is it would not be “moving” but “fully open”, “partially open”, and “closed”. If the door stops in the middle it ends up being in the opening/closing state forever.

(Note: I also have two single-car garage doors, if that matters.)

What type of door is it? Most systems use a tilt sensor on the garage door, but that only works if it’s sectional.

The original smartthings multisensor does this to a surprising degree using device type “something garage door” with no magnet - it seems to use acceleration to indicate opening/closing, and tilt to indicate open/close. I wouldn’t try that with the new version which seems unreliable to me, between sudden death and false-acceleration.

That’s a good way that would require webcore or something to notify you if needed, but it doesn’t prove the open/close.

I like your other suggestion of seperate proof-open and proof-close. If it doesn’t make either one of those states in 1 minute then notify you of trouble. That’s when it’s nice to have a camera to look at it.

It’s a sectional door that moves on a track, powered by a Chamberlain LiftMaster. I have a track sensor installed at the base of the door, and ran bell wire thru the wall back to the LiftMaster. I wired both the track sensor and the switch wires into the MIMOlite.

I don’t mind writing code to make it work. Just looking for what is most reliable. Reliable meaning few (zero) false positives and wired if possible (no batteries).

Yeah, it’s a good backup plan. My only concern with that is if I want to intentionally open the garage door half-way. Like if I want to air out the garage, but want to keep it somewhat closed as to not give my neighbors a clear view of who/what is in there… especially on spring cleaning days :smile:.

It’s too bad the MIMO2+ doesn’t have 3 inputs. I would love to wire in the trip sensor to monitor for obstructions. Don’t really need the two relay inputs (just need the 1 for open and close).