Garage Door Notification based on Presence?

(Michael) #1

I have a Linear GD00Z-4 installed and it is working great, but i was hoping to be able to get a notification if I have left my house and left the garage door open. I know there are notifications i can get if the door has been open a certain amount of time, but I am looking for something to use the presence device of my phone and my wife’s phone.

(Dav Glass) #2

I wrote a SmartApp just for this:

When changing to away (with presence) it closes any open door (I have 2 garage doors).

When arriving via presence open it :smile:

Works really well, when presence detection works properly. When it doesn’t, I just hit the “good bye or I’m back” widget to trigger it.

I also use this for “good night” to make sure the doors are closed & not left open.

(Tim Slagle) #3


Doesn’t open or close anything but it will lock doors and notifiy of any open doors/windows.