Linear garage door controller opens door randomly

I see a lot of things about linear not working, but mostly what is posted here is now to fix it when it stops opening the door. I seem to have a different problem - it randomly opens the door, some days quite frequently. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone have a solution? Or has the thing just reached end of life (which for this seems to only be 2-3 years)?

My garage door was doing this, took six months to figure it out. I originally blamed the Go Control, but i completely took it out of the loop and the garage still opened.

I live fairly close to a US Army training facility. We started to notice we didnt have an issue unless we also heard field training also going on at the nearby post. That led me to read a bunch of people reporting issues with thier garage opening and or closing near military bases. (military radios operate on frequencies rhat mat conflict)

I followed a suggestion that said do whatever procedure your opener uses to dump all codes and reset/rejoin the door conrrollers. After I did that the door stopped randomly opening. Then I reconnected the go control and it hasn’t happened since. (now over a year)

Don’t know if its your issue and still dont know for sure if it was mine but id have never made the connection without the suggestion and the problem hasn’t come back.


I have actually wondered if something like this might be going on; I live near a small airport and before installing the Go Control I noticed sometimes the door would open when a light plane flew over. But there is a pretty strong correlation here w/the Go Control … as soon as I unplug it, the multiple daily openings stop.
That said I may try your idea anyway to see if I get lucky. Thanks for the recommendation!