Garage Door lock

Hello all,

As we now, more and more would be thief’s gain access to our cars then use the garage door opener to gain access internally. Each night we lock the deadbolt from the garage to the house but the garage is still vulnerable

Like all of us, I have a button inside the garage to open it from the house. It would be nice to replace it with a button/switch… that can be locked so the door won’t open.

Is there such a thing out there w/o having to replace the entire garage door opener?

Thanks in advance

Put a motion sensor in the garage.

I installed a Zwave switch in the ceiling and I plug my opener into the controllable outlet. My opener is only 1/2 hp and has been there for almost 2 years now working without a problem.

We turn off the outlet when we leave for extended periods of time, and/or for certain Routines when we know the garage doors should not be in use.

and we also have a couple of those too…

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Thanks for the replies

We have a cat in the garage so a motion sensor won’t work, tried that with the lights and they were on all the time

The smart outlet is a great idea, simple. What is the concern with turning on/off the plug as it relates to the garage door opener?

Thanks in advance

If you lose connectivity you can’t get in thru the garage