Garage door light and auto off overwriting

Can someone help solve the below? I have two basic pistons, but the light is being turned off after 15 min.

I have working:
if hours are between sunset and sunrise, and the garage door is open, turn on the garage light.

I also have the below working, however it overwrites the top piston when the garage is open at night. Ideally if the first piston is true, I’d like for this piston to be ignored.

Your condition for piston 2 needs to be a compound clause. The operator should be AND and the contents if the second par of the compound clause should be ‘IS between sunrise And Sunset’

Then unless it’s between sunrise and sunset (the. Opposite of your other piston) everything else is ignored.

I apologize in advanced for my lack of knowledge on this. For clarification, the first piston is ok, and only the second piston needs to edited?

Does a compound clause mean change the type from “basic” to something else? Is it possible to type up a short example explaining your recommendation? Sorry again, this type of piston is uncharted territory for me. Thanks!

Ok easy enough. You need your IF to resolve true if multiple things are true.

Go into your Piston and look for the if that contains ‘each of Garage Door Opener is OFF’
Click the IF
You should see something like this:

Then click Add a Group

It will bring up a box asking if you need a Logical AND or a Logical OR. Select AND (Should be default)

Your IF clause will now contain TWO subclauses - one as you have written and another that is empty. Edit the empty one to be true if between Sunrise and Sunset

That should do you.