And-if Piston?


I want to create a CoRE piston. Here is is on a nutshell:

IF- Time is between dusk and dawn
AND IF- GE Smart Switch is in the OFF posion
AND IF- Smartthings Contact sensor CHANGES STATE


Turn on GE Smart Switch
Wait 10 minutes
Turn off GE Smart

I’m trying to create a piston that turns my GE Smart Switch on when I open or close my garage door. I only want it to to turn on if it’s dark. I want the piston to turn off the light in 10 minutes, but if the light is already on for some reason, I want it to remain on(the piston shouldn’t start if the light is on)

I created an And-If piston (If, And-If, And, THEN) which SHOULD turn on the piston, but it doesn’t. I even simplified the piston to just turn on the switch, but still nothing.

Thoughts? I question my choice of piston (And-If) Any good reading on this stuff?


It always helps if you attach a screenshot of the piston so we can see what you have done so far. Also, you should consider installing WebCORE.