Close Garage door at sunset?

(Rick Johnson) #1

Hi Guys
I have a momentary zwave switch on my garage door to open and close it I also have a sensor so I can see if its open or closed.
I want to activate the momentary switch at sunset but only if the door sensor is open.
Any ideas

(Robin) #2

Standard answer these days… webCoRE.


You might consider just getting a notification for this and then manually hitting the switch in the mobile app. I can think of lots of situations when I might have the garage door open at Sunset and I wouldn’t want it automatically closing on me. Just a thought. :wink:

(Larry) #4

you could also install my garage door integration app, and then close it with smartlighting at sunset

(jeubanks) #5

@JDRoberts, I have my garage setup to open/close on presence and on a time delay if someone (my son) leaves it open. The big BUTTT… is I also have a camera aimed at the doors with motion detection actively running. So my automation must meet the condition of NO MOTION for 5 minutes before the doors will auto close. Works well. And no I’m not using Webcore for this as I don’t trust large heavy doors to the cloud :wink:


WEBCORE! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Rick Johnson) #7

OK I have WebCore installed and I have created a piston
One of the conditions is when the sensors contacts are open
now I think I have to add another condition to execute after sunset
Not sure how to add that

(Robin) #8

Just add another statement, you’ll find time options under location, so don’t choose a physical device.

(Rick Johnson) #9

Having no luck
I’m using
What to Compare “Virtual Device - Location mode”
What kind of comparison " I have looked at each of the entries here and there are none for sunset"

(Rick Johnson) #10

OK I found this not sure if it will work
What to compare
Variable - datetime $sunset
What kind of comparison
is after
Compare to
Preset Sunset

Im not sure y I have to pick sunset twice once in what to compare (im not sure what the $sunset is) then again compare to preset sunset

(Rick Johnson) #11

Thanks I got it I think I wont know until tonight
What to compare Virtual device - Time
What kind of comparison is after
Compare to Preset - Sunset

I have a question about
Only on these days of the week
Only on these days of the month
Only on these months of the year
Do I have to select all in each to work of can I just leave not selected and it will work all the time

(Robin) #12

You can use the system variables for $sunset / $sunrise but it’s normally easier to use the presets:

Any you can leave the ‘only on’ parts as ‘nothing selected’ if you want it to fire every day.

(Rick Johnson) #13

Thanks Robin.
Is there a way to get a text when a piston starts

(Rick Johnson) #14

If I have a piston that operates a switch to close my garage door when the sensor is open what happens if I have something under the door and the door reverses I’m assuming the door will close and open close and open close and open all night long how would I prevent that

(Robin) #15

You can add an SMS as one of the actions, alongside the close door command.

Having the door close when it’s open will never work, it will never stay open lol.

(Rick Johnson) #16

Ok one of the attributes is after sunset so I see what you are saying if its after sunset and I open the door it will close. Is there any way to get it to only execute only once every evening

(Robin) #17

You’ll need to set a specific time, or perhaps a timer such as:

door stays open for more than 30 minutes
time is after sunset
Close door

But you should also have a safety net such as a laser across the door to ensure no kids get eaten.