Garage door geofence routine opens door after closing

I set up a routine to open my garage door when I arrive home using location. It is set to activate if door is closed and when I enter the geofence I set up about 1000 feet from home. Works fine when getting home, but after closing door either manually or by command, the door opens almost immediately after it closes. I use genie Aladdin connect. I assume that once I have driven through geofence that this routine would not be activated until I re-enter the location after leaving the location. Maybe I have it set up wrong?

Do you have the test for the garage door being closed set as a ‘precondition’?

If not the routine will be triggered again by you closing the door.

If you are using Member Location in the Routine it might suggest it is testing for you ‘arriving’ home. This isn’t the whole story. It is actually testing for you being ‘present’. If you have just entered the geofence the change from ‘not present’ to ‘present’ triggers the Routine so it is indeed an arrival. However if something else triggers the Routine it simply tests if you are already there or not.

If you are testing for any of a number of persons ‘arriving’ you have to allow for it really being someone departing and there still being someone at home. But that’s another story.


That could be the solution. I wondered if I should check that option. Will make the change and see what happens. Thanks