Brand New to Geofencing. Help needed for arrival routine with two users

I just bought a Kwikset 916 lock and a Samsung Smartthings Hub to go with it. After some minor bumps I have it all functioning. The last thing I’d LIKE to try is to get the door to unlock when I or my wife arrives home. I have her set as a user under my app on my Android phone and she’s able to see everything and work it all.

I also have my house set in the app (I forget how I got there now, but it wasn’t in the most obvious place).

However, I then wasn’t at all sure about how to set the geofence up in the app. I assumed it was the activity called, “I’m Back!” and then set it to “Automatically perform” when “Someone arrives”.

The problem is that’s a dead end. I get into the screen for Someone arrives" and under “Any of these people” I assumed I could set me and my wife. Instead I see “Which? You can’t currently add this”

On a related topic, we love that the lock has a feature that locks the door 30 seconds after it unlocks. However, I suspect that we’ll need to disable that to use this. Is that correct? The reason is that, as is, assuming I get Geofencing working, once I hit the perimeter, the app will unlock the door and then the door will start counting down the 30 seconds. If I’m not in the door by then, then I assume it’ll just lock again likely before I can even get to it.

If that’s so, is there a nice work-around that can simulate this feature via the ST app? We love the idea of being able to leave the house and not have to worry that the door was left unlocked.

Thanks for any help.

Did you add both of your phones as presences devices?

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Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for. It seems from further reading, however, that I may be better off using a different approach as this setup seems less than ideal due to slow reporting polling rates mainly.

It varies by person. Works great for my wife and I.

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