Automation to open garage door

Does anyone have a good automation to open the garage door when your geofence arrives home. Right now I have the below, the issue I am having is after I get home and try to close the door it opens right back up. I need it to only run the automation once.

At my home
After being away for 10 min
Garage door contact sensor closed

Open garage door

Try marking the condition garage door sensor being closed as a precondition. That will prevent the Routine activating when it closes.

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I am doing something similar and it works fine.

person arrives
garage door sensor closed (precondition)
open garage door


Curious - why the “person at home after being away” logic?

I open/close the door as soon as someone arrives or someone leaves. (It could also be when everyone leaves but it’s hard to hear noises in our garage so it’s best to shut it all the time…)

I will try this and let you know!

I have the person being gone away in case the geolocation momentarily bounces away. I want a sustained away

I have 9 acres and sometimes we wander in the woods. Just had to make the geofence radius LARGER to avoid false arrival/departure.

That is pretty much why they added that functionality. In particular there were lots of reports of presence bouncing on arrival. I always suspected the way the occupancySensor and presenceSensor interacted was a contributory factor and since the occupancySensor was removed things seem to have been better.

It is worth noting that ‘after being away for 10 minutes’ just means that the last time the phone was not present it was for over ten minutes. That could have been a week ago.