Garadget and ST linking is iffy

Here we go again Garadget has been working great until this week I’ve noticed that it’s loosing the proximity of the door now I thought ok it got to be the Garadget controller well I physically went out and checked the door and the controller is working properly and the door is down and closed BUT smartthings shows it still up so went to the Garadget App and it shows it down and closed so go to settings in smartthings>linked devices>Garadget and refreshed and then back to Favorites and it now shows that it is down and closed in smartthings so maybe a fluke tried it a couple more times and figured out that it’s not even reporting that it’s open it shows it still closed while the door is wide open while all the time the Garadget App report the true proximity of the garage door. So something thing is hiccuping in Smartthings and Garadget.
Any help would be appreciated.