Galaxy Tab S7 Plus cannot install new Smartthings app on second user

I have recently bought a galaxy tab S7 Plus for my wife and have also added myself as a second user on the tablet. While my wife’s account which is also the admin is able to have the new smartthings app installed, when I switch to my account I only get errors when trying to install the app. I have tried using the play store, the Samsung store and even sideoading the app from apkpure with no luck.

Please help! Screenshots below. I don’t know who to tag for this. Jody maybe?

Just curious… are you able to install other apps on your account or is it limited to the ST app?

Yes, i can even install the old Smartthings app. The account i have created is not limited.

Did you get a resolution? Just got a Tab S7 plus and I have the exact same issue.

Nope. Lets get @Brad_ST into the conversation. Brad please read the original post and let us know if there is something we can do.

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