G Lux Landscape Lighting?

Hey all, i was wondering if anyone had any luck using the G Lux lighting. They seem to work pretty well and are able to be placed wherever i want to spread them out. I want to light up my front lawn fence at night so i can eliminate the dark abyss that awaits my non lit up street. I know the Osram lights are an option also, but there is just too many in a strip. I would connect it using the H801 Wifi adapter.I tried searching but didn’t come up with anything, so i apologize if this has been discussed before.

Thanks in advance.

The H801 is the 5 channel controller. It uses screw terminals for every connection and has more common connectors for power supply as well as the strip connector.
RGBW LED strips might be a good option. You can use a 2.4G wifi compatible RGB controller, which is easily available online. This single remote can control an unlimited number of receivers. RF remote control works through walls with a range up to 100 feet. This can be used to control the speed, brightness and on/off options. The Colour selection wheel feature provides thousands of option with even pure white mode and 19 dynamic colour changing modes.Use B00E7NTF1Q controller hub to adjust controlling options using Android or iOS. This option can be very reliable and the products are easily available online. I have been searching something similar for my front yard fountain and saw this picture on an outdoor landscaping ideas calgary which highlights the house number. Maybe you can incorporate some ideas like this to be more creative.”