FYI- IFTTT is working with Smart Life again (1 July 2020)

Not sure if it is working everywhere but was looking for something on a different forum and noticed a post about this, I checked and IFTTT is once again working with Smart life devices, if you did not know they cut ties a few months ago and if you went to the IFTTT channel for Smart life you got a message that they (SL) had cut ties. No clue if this will hold but it was working last night for me.


There was an official announcement on this, as well, but a very quiet one:


Geez - hope it stays. The integration went away AFTER I left my winter home. I just checked and when I flipped on the ST virtual switch sure enough the smart life tuya switches turned on. Fingers crossed.


I wonder who blinked? Did Ifttt drop the new fees for smartlife? Did Tuya agree to pay the new fees after all? Did they meet in the middle? Ifttt doesn’t publish their charges to the companies, and they can individually negotiate them if they want to.


@dare2smile, you might would be interested.


Yessssss. Time to let my dad know.


This is great. I see my treatlife dimmer, however I don’t see my wifi outlets. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Reviving this topic. Anyone see the latest news on IFTTT charging fees now?

A lot of integrations I have rely on custom built IFTTT recipes. Looks like any more than three and you have to pay.

Unfortunately this is another ding against continuing to use Smartthings through this transition. A lot of these IFTTT integrations with Smartthings work for free in Home assistant.

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Isn’t charging Dev’s enought?

Yeah seems like a bit of a double dip here.

I mean, I get cloud computing isn’t free. Also, this rollout of pricing is a lot better than Winks plan. There is a free tier, and it looks there will be some rules based integrations coming in the paid tier. I am definitely interested in that

But I really don’t know. I like my setup I have now and an open to paying, but definitely not thrilled with the idea of coughing up more cash. They really need to be careful here and not alienate their customers- both developers and end users.

Cant say the same thing for me, I dont like paying subscriptions because I don’t see my self using it every often the difference is i.e cell service vs cable tv, where cell is a must and I can see where my money goes change a plan accordingly vs cable where I pay a sum for something I might not even turn on to watch
(fliping a switch on and off isnt something im keen on paying for)

There’s an active discussion thread on the new charges that’s been up for a few days:

IFTTT now only allows 3 applets in the free version

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