FS: Lots of Z-Wave Dimmers, Switches, and Fan Controls

**edit 3/27/19 - everything is sold

1x Zooz Zen22 ver2.0 Z-Wave Plus Dimmer $15

3x GE 12724 Z-Wave Dimmers $15 each

1x GE 14294 Z-Wave Plus Dimmer $30

2x GE 12722 Z-Wave Switches $20 each (both are 16xx date codes)

3x GE 12730 Z-Wave Fan Controls $20 each

Original post:

I’m in the process of converting from Z-Wave Dimmers and Switches to Lutron Caseta. Selling the stuff I’ve removed so far. There will be more coming in the next 2-3 months as well. Everything is in good working condition.

Here is what is currently available. I’ll keep these numbers updated as things are either sold or as I remove more of them.

1x Zooz Zen22 ver2.0 Z-Wave Plus Dimmer $25

10x GE 12724 Z-Wave Dimmers $25 each
All sold, will have more after next round of replacements

6x GE 12722 Z-Wave Switches $10 each
All sold for now, will have more after I do my next round of replacements
- Note - I have had a handful of the 15xx date code switches fail with a blinking blue LED. Apparently this is a common problem due to age. All of the ones I have available were working when I removed them (already tossed the bad ones), but please be aware that it’s a possibility that they will fail in the future. This possibility is reflected in the price.

5x GE 12723 Add-On Switches $15 each
All sold

Pics below

Zooz Zen22 Dimmer

GE 12724 Dimmers

GE 12722 Switches

GE 12723 Add-On Switches

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Why are you switching to caseta? Just curious as I am looking to as well

I like the look and feel of them better

Ok wondered if it was the use of them. If they worked better or if the switches worked or clicked with more ease. …much easier to wire?

Do you have more Zooz switch or just 1?

Just the one.

$25 with shipping?

The dimmers don’t need a neutral, so in that respect they are easier, but I have neutrals everywhere so it doesn’t matter that much.

I was going to either replace my older non-plus GEs with Z-Wave Plus devices or Lutron. The look and feel of Lutron won me over. They just feel a bit more refined to me.

I was intending to do $25 plus shipping…but how about $20 plus $7 for a small flat rate USPS box?

Can I get (1) 12724?

Hey Chris,
I will take any remaining GE’s you have.

The GEs are all sold, I still have the Zooz if you are interested in that one.

Can you do the Zooz and two GE dimmers?

Thanks @destructure00. I’ll pass on the zooz.

GEs are all sold. Only the Zooz is left.

Bump…more devices added to original post

I’d take the following for $130 total. That include shipping?

4x GE 12724 Z-Wave Dimmers $25 each

1x GE 14294 Z-Wave Plus Dimmer $30

Sending PM

Bump, added 8 GE fan controls…

How much for the GE fan control?