FS GE Z-Wave Dimmer Switches

I just moved to a new house, which is an older house so none of the wiring has neutral wires.

So I’m in the process of buying all new Z-Wave Dimmers that do no require a neutral wire and and selling the stuff I can no longer user. Everything is in good working condition all used for less than a year.

Here is what is currently available. I’ll keep these numbers updated as things are either sold or as I remove more of them.

6x GE 12724 Z-Wave Dimmers $20 each (all with 17xx date codes)
3x GE 12723 Z-Wave Add-on Dimmers for 3-way lights $10 each (all with 17xx date codes)

GE 12724 Dimmers

GE 12723 Add- on switches

Switches are going fast.
There are only 2 Dimmers and 2 add-ons left.

Sadly most of my switch boxes not have a neutral wire either. the wiring in parts of the house is very old and will be replaced eventually.

I would like two of the GE 12724 Z-Wave Dimmers. Please let me know shipping cost and how you want payment.