Front Door Lock Goes to "Unavailable"

I have a Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt FE469NX on my front door running the lock apps with Rboy. I installed this lock in January 2019 along with Rboy lock apps. It worked great for the past two years. Then about a month ago it started going to “Unavailable”. Actually several of my devices started doing this. I installed all the latest Rboy versions thinking that may solve the problem to know avail. Last night I rebooted the Samsung hub and it started working again. However, this evening when I came home it was back to “Unavailable”

Rboy Lock User Management 07.10.03
Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms 04.06.02

Please help. I want my auto-lock function to work again!

I have experienced the same issue on mine. I changed the batteries out and deleted the lock. I ran the exclusion and then added it again. It worked fine after that. Last week was rough, my whole system was just in and out for no reason. It is back to normal this week though.

Thanks for reminding me. I also changed out the batteries. It did work for a short while. I tried to run z-wave repair, but that is not working as well. It just spins and spins.

There are typically 2 categories for why a devices does unavailable

  1. The platform has an outage, this happens from time to time, suddenly devices which are working go offline for no reason (sometimes a few, other times mass outage). This will usually fix itself within a few days once the issue has been resolved from SmartThings end
  2. The communication with the lock has been interrupted, so it doesn’t respond to platform keep-alive “pings”. Typical reasons include:
    • Battery low, depending on your lock check for battery thresholds
    • Mesh interference, new z-wave devices in the mesh can cause routing issue and packets to be lost
    • Degradation of mesh, usually doing a reboot of the hub followed by a Z-Wave repair will fix these issues. If that doesn’t work try to exclude the lock, reset to factory defaults and pair it again (don’t forget to recalibrate your lock)
    • Degradation of the lock electronics (rare but does happen)
    • Signal interference (very low) things like microwaves etc

Worst case scenarion (for point 1), turn off device health using the ST Classic app

Finally figured out how to run Z-wave repair in the new new app. Doing this and re-booting the hub 4 or 5 times has resulted in the lock remaining stable for almost 48 hours (knock on wood desk).

Hopefully I’ll get another 2 years of consistent performance.

Fingers crossed.

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