Front Door Lock Goes to "Unavailable"

There are typically 2 categories for why a devices does unavailable

  1. The platform has an outage, this happens from time to time, suddenly devices which are working go offline for no reason (sometimes a few, other times mass outage). This will usually fix itself within a few days once the issue has been resolved from SmartThings end
  2. The communication with the lock has been interrupted, so it doesn’t respond to platform keep-alive “pings”. Typical reasons include:
    • Battery low, depending on your lock check for battery thresholds
    • Mesh interference, new z-wave devices in the mesh can cause routing issue and packets to be lost
    • Degradation of mesh, usually doing a reboot of the hub followed by a Z-Wave repair will fix these issues. If that doesn’t work try to exclude the lock, reset to factory defaults and pair it again (don’t forget to recalibrate your lock)
    • Degradation of the lock electronics (rare but does happen)
    • Signal interference (very low) things like microwaves etc

Worst case scenarion (for point 1), turn off device health using the ST Classic app