Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner

I just installed a Frigidaire wifi connected window AC. I need to keep it plugged into the AFCI/GFCI outlet I installed for it (historic home), so is there another way to connect this to SmartThings? It’s the only wifi piece of equipment that needs a second app right now. I’ve become spoiled!

Curious to know if you made any progress on this. We loved our smart fridgidaire last summer and liked it so much it encouraged us to get an ST system & CT100 thermostat. Would love to connect them if possible but actually from what I’ve read on here it sounds like complicating the system with another may make more problems than it’s worth.

Also- why do you have it on a GFCI? We’re in a 100+ yr old house that before we moved in ran 5 AC units and 2 fridges at the same time and the only GFCIs are in the bathrooms. The electrician is coming next week so I figured I’d ask why you installed yours.

Hi! Unfortunately no progress connectin them with SmartThings yet, but I’m
not giving up hope! I’m in the middle of a major restoration and this AC
was undersized for that room (despite the specifications stating it could
handle it). No matter- I’m moving this one to my smaller office where it
will work fine, and I just saw that they came out with a slightly larger
one so I am going to give that a try. Eventually, I’ll have 9 of them, so
it’s worth trying a few out. The app, however has been working very well.
Although I’d love it to integrate with SmartThings and maybe I could even
sequence it to start cooling as I get home and before I get to the bedroom
or even do it through Alexa through SmartThings, I’ll just have to open
another app until someone smarter than me invents that.
My outlets were AFCI/GFCI (so actually both). Not all 100 year old homes
are in this bad shape, but my wiring cannot be trusted- I’ve found multiple
areas with burned wires, the house wiring wasn’t correctly grounded, and
there is suspicious knob and tube hidden around. You may be fine, but I’d
suggest talking to your electrician. My parent’s house is also historic
(1903) and dad installed all GFCIs for ACs and other expensive appliances
as well. .In my case, the $25 outlets were well worth the investment. A
month ago we had a bad storm come through. Every one of the ACFI/GFCIs in
the room where my AC and computer were plugged in tripped. I have to
replace the outlets, but thank goodness I’m not replacing a $350 AC, a
computer, monitor, mini fridge, etc. Your electrician will be able to
clarify the National Electric Code for your area and your home (yes, GFCIs
are required in the bathroom within so many feet of a water source- but
this also applies to the other side of the wall which some forget!) I would
always rather be safe than sorry and I’m glad I erred on the side of
caution with nice equipment like this- will be doing it for the other air
conditioners as well.

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