Freenode IRC Channel #smartthings

(Ben Lake) #1

Folks, I find that I start messing with apps and things and hit questions fairly quickly in that process. I’d like to be able to banter about what’s going on in a more productive fashion. So I went ahead and started a #smartthings channel on the freenode IRC network (

If you’re not familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) it is simply an old-school chat protocol with a ton of different clients. Point one of them at port 6667 then “join” the channel “#smartthings” (case sensitive w/ point sign).

Say hi and sit around, hopefully we can get enough folks sitting in the room that the random question or discussion gets a reply! I’ll be sitting in the channel to maintain operational control over it; I’ll OP anyone who pops in if I see them.

Cya there!

(Tech Canuck) #2

Great suggestion Ben, a tried and true method of collaboration. I’ve noticed that there’s no search function within these forums so this is a great way to try to get information moving a bit faster and open up the community discussion.

(Dan Lieberman) #3

@thetechcanuck – There is some fairly basic search functionality available by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen.

(Solardave1) #4

The reason I and others couldn’t find the search function is that if you’re on a pad, it only shows up in landscape mode. Took me a week to find I and the nav bar, message indicator, etc.