Free Ecobee Lite for BGE Customers

If you happen to live in a BGE provider area, they are offering free Ecobee Lite thermostats they will install. They will use it for Peak Rewards to cycle your unit during high energy usage days.

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that is a fantastic offer. Wish I needed a new Tstat - I switched back to the remote-relay option years ago. It appears this new Tstat could be integrated to smartthings or Echo, while still being enrolled to BGE Peak Rewards program.

I’ve been doing this program for a long time, since the thermostat was a Honeywell model, with only command-only communication. That was bare but the savings are still good and the cycling level is in your control, for a variable payback. The best part is that allowing the utility to peak-shave this way, may prevent or perhaps simply delay expensive system capacity increases.

FYI, you can upgrade to an Ecobee regardless of your current status:

When I called, they seemed to imply that you could sign up for Peak Rewards even if you were not previously. However you need to be on Peak Rewards to get the free unit.

You are correct, my post was poorly worded. What I meant was that you could receive the unit whether you are a current or new member of Peak Rewards.

When I initially saw the deal a few months ago, it was unclear whether or not CURRENT members could receive a new thermostat, but in spite of the fact that I already had a PeakRewards thermostat (just a dumb one), they were perfectly happy to send a tech out to give me an EcoBee. Now it would appear they have updated their website to reflect this.

Anybody know how to remove their ability to cycle?