Frame TV as HUB, disconnecting every 5 seconds (Feb 2024)

I’m going mad trying to get this resolved, especially as it appears almost no one out there is using the Frame TV as Smartthings hub. 2022 and newer versions have ability to act as a hub, and I also have the zigbee dongle as well. However, even Samsung support is clueless, they keep bouncing me back and forth between TV technical help and Smartthings, literally no one will help.

So I’ve been using the Frame as a hub for just a couple months now, only 3 zigbee devices and some others imported via connected services like Hue. No problems up until this week, I am getting endless notifications on my phone that my hub is going offline and online. 4 days now it won’t stop, no idea why. My TV is connected to the Internet, I’m constantly streaming Netflix, so I know it works. Even through ST app, I can talk to the TV fine, even upload Art no issues, yet the hub (which it lists in the app separately) just endlessly cycles offline and online.

I’ve power cycled everything, I even removed all connected services and devices except the zigbee ones. No idea what’s going on. Using an Eero router which is within 10ft of the TV.

Try connecting your tv with an Ethernet cable instead of wireless to see if the disconnects persist.


Zigbee and WiFi use the same frequency, but Wi-Fi is much much stronger. Consequently, strong Wi-Fi can interrupt Zigbee signals and drown them out, then causing devices to have to continually resend messages, trying to get through.

So you want to keep your strong Wi-Fi transmitters as far away from your Zigbee hub as possible, preferably at least 3 m.

So speaking as a former field tech, the first thing I would do is move the eero farther away.

The following may be of help. Start with message 11 in that thread (I will link directly to it) after reading it, go up to the top of the thread, and read the rest of the FAQ.

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters - #11 by JDRoberts

I’m not saying that’s the only thing going on, but if you lessen Wi-Fi interference, it will be easier to fix whatever else might be happening. :thinking:

@jkp ‘s suggestion is also good.

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but just to clarify, it’s the hub itself going offline, not just the devices. If I do the diagnostics in the app, it seems to show that the hub is connected to the Internet, but not the cloud. Error Oe33.

I tried plugging my Oneconnect box in via Ethernet, no change. If I navigate to the hub via the Smartthings app on the TV, it shows “connected” but you can’t access any details. The app on my phone simply says it’s offline.

Can I have two hubs running? Can I migrate routines? I have a 2nd Frame TV, further away from my router. I could try turning in the hub capability on that one and see if it’s any better.

Yes, you can have more than one hub per smartthings location. For example, quite a few people have a Samsung television acting as a hub plus a standalone hub for Z wave plus a smartthings station as a charging station. Whenever you add a new zigbee device, you will have to specify which hub you want it attached to, but you can include devices from multiple hubs in the same routine, although it does mean that that routine will run in the smartthings cloud rather than running locally.

Samsung did recently add a new utility to allow you to migrate from one hub to another in the same location.

At present, it is an all or nothing migration. You can’t pick and choose which devices to migrate. And at the end of the migration, the original hub will be reset. So I don’t know if that’s what you want to do or not. I think I would probably just try adding one device to the second hub (rather than using the migration utility) just to see how it goes. If your hub is going on and off continually, the migration utility might not work at all.

NEW Hub Replace Feature for SmartThings Hubs!

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I’m not sure what it will show for a television, but you can try checking the advanced page of the official web interface to your smartthings account, and see what it says about the status for the hub:

That error message typically means that the hub firmware has become corrupted. That can happen for any of several reasons, including if a firmware update was interrupted. The usual support advice is to reinstall the firmware, but that does reset everything back to the way it would look if you were adding the hub for the first time. So again, I don’t know if that’s what you want to do. Did support suggest that?

Also, before I forget, you could also get this error if your DNS can’t resolve to give your hub the address of the smartthings cloud. Some people with eero routers have had that problem in the past and it turned out They needed a firmware update on the eero device, but I’m guessing you’ve already checked that. :thinking:

To be honest I’m pretty lost, so I haven’t tried a ton. I haven’t even figured out how to contact support because if I try to contact Smartthings support, they tell me I need to get redirected to appliance help, and vice versa.

My hub firmware shows as 000.050.00010. I have absolutely no clue how to update it or check the history. My TV shows it’s on software version 1602. There’s nowhere in the TV that I can find for a hub specific firmware update.

I checked my Eero and it’s running on the same software that was released in early December, so I wouldn’t think that’s an issue. I haven’t really touched any settings on the Eero since I bought it years ago.

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The link to support in my post above is supposed to have the instructions for updating the firmware, but I don’t know if it’s current. (The blue title should be a clickable link.)

Since I don’t have a Samsung television, I’m going to leave this conversation for those who know a lot more than I do. Good luck— I hope you find a resolution soon.

So, I think you’re either on to something here, or my zigbee dongle is toast. Last night I disconnected the dongle from my Oneconnect box, and it looks like my hub stayed online all night (granted, not actually connected to any devices now). I set up the hub feature on my basement Frame tv, no problem. As soon as I plugged in the zigbee dongle and started reconnecting my devices to that TVs hub, suddenly now my basement TV won’t stay online, and my original TV has no connection issues. Where my basement Frame is, I don’t have any other Wi-Fi devices down there.

I’m really debating if I need to just stop messing with this dongle and TV and just buy an Aeotec hub or something…


While I would not discourage you from buying an Aeotec/SmartThings hub (a good investment if you are committed to a smart home setup), one (long shot) thing you could try is to go into your Eero DHCP admin page and pin the IP address for your TV/hub.
While my setup does not include Eero or a TV-based hub, I did have to do this for my SmartThings V2 hub to stop repeated offline/online cycling a few years ago. A few times a day my V2 hub would go offline for up to 30 minutes. Has not happened since pinning it’s IP address.


Your experience with TV as a Hub is the same as mine. In my case using a Samsung monitor. It will stay online for a short period of time, and then drop off. Can only bring it back online by power cycling the monitor.

I will definitely give this a shot. I tried this morning but ran out of time - annoyingly, the hostname that the TV is sending to my router does not match what is set on the TV, so I need to do more investigation to see which is which. Seems to be an already known bug.

In terms of my issues, seems the problem statement has shifted a bit. Now both my hubs are permanently showing online, but they’re not actually doing anything. One of my zigbee switches show “online”, and one shows “off”. Kind of strange since those are two different ways of reporting that they’re supposed to be communicating, yet neither of them are actually talking or able to be updated or controlled :thinking:

In any case, very unfortunately, my support experience has been so ridiculously abysmal that I ordered a hubitat hub. Will do some side by side and see if I’m going to switch. It really sucks that a user community like this is the only possible place to get actual support - so thank you all for doing your best to help! Will report back if I can get it working still.

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Hello, right now i use ST with the cloud integration with tuya, so all my devices are zigbee and wifi on tuya.
I also have the same tv as you, The Frame 22, and I’m looking to buy a tuya matter hub to replace mine and you local control of my devices and control with ST, do you know if i need the hub dongle to make this happen?

You do not need the dongle if you’re integrating your Tuya hub to SmartThings via Matter.

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You’re the man, I can’t find any information on this, thank you.

So my Tv is a matter controller, right?

Without the dongle, it’s a controller for Matter over Wi-Fi devices or Matter over Bridge devices. To support Matter over Thread devices, you’ll need the dongle.

Is that true? I thought it worked the same way as the V2, and you could use a thread border router from another brand, like an echo device, or a HomePod mini.

I believe you if it’s true, it’s just not what I had heard. :thinking:


I don’t have any Thread devices, but the matter hub I’m gonna buy it’s compatible with thread, so that’s covered too?